Explaining Israel's Mysterious Imperial Agenda

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has prophesied Israel’s final and just retribution at the hands of a Muslim army. Israel has already had a taste of that coming retribution. In an essay published in the ‘Daily Express’, columnist Raffique Shah, himself trained in military strategy, described what happened when Israel attempted a ground assault on the Southern Lebanese village of Bint Jabeel
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It seems clear that these essays on Israel, written at various time during the period of 2006-2011, will soon to be complemented by other essays that would respond to the big Zionist wars that are about to be unleashed on Pakistan Iran and many Arab States.

It is precisely because we are now located at the moment in time different from any other that mankind has so far experienced, that Islamic scholarship must hasten to explain the perplexing reality of today’s world to an otherwise utterly confused world of Islam.